What to Do If Your Student Is Absent

     Please call the voice mail message line @ 267-893-2567 to report an all-day absence only. For all other attendance issues (including lateness and early dismissals or attendance questions only) please call 267-893-2524 during the school day. Both of these lines will take a message 24 hours a day.

     Students have three days to complete the excuse process. CB West accepts all of the following excusals for absences or lateness.

    •   Parent phone call to 267-893-2567 with student name, date and reason for all-day absences.
    •   Parent phone call to 267-893-2524 for lateness’s.
    •  Parent E-mail generated from parent primary email noted in IC to westattendance@cbsd.orgwith student name, date and reason for absence
    • Written Note with student name, date and reason for absence
    •  Excuse forms are available in homeroom, the attendance office, and security. If you do not have an excuse form, please write a note stating the reason for the absence, dated and signed by a parent.
    Students who have not complied with a parent call, email, or signed note by the 4th day following their absence
    will receive a 2-hour detention. Students who have not complied with a parent call, email, or note by the 5th
    day will receive a Saturday Suspension in lieu of the 2 hour detention and teachers will be notified if unexcused
    absences should be issued.

    To Request An Early Dismissal

    With school dismissal at 2:30 PM, most appointments can and should be made after school hours. If it
    is not possible to schedule an appointment after school, please do the following:

    1.      Send a note with the student’s full name, date, reason, for each dismissal and departure time.

    2.      Students must drop-off the note to the attendance office before 7:25 AM.
    3.      Please call the attendance office at 267-893-2524, prior to dismissal, to verify the written request.
    4.  When the early dismissal has been verified, please meet your student in the lobby or at an outside location.
     It is not necessary to sign the student out.
    Thank you for helping us to maintain accurate attendance records.

    To see your student's attendance record, go to the Parent Portal!


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    Thank you for visiting the CB West Attendance web page. It is our hope that this resource will help home and school work together to support good attendance and success in learning. You may call the Attendance Office if you have any questions (267) 893-2524.