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    Nurse's Office

    CB East school nurses are here to care for your child while in school, to assist her/him to be successful, and to educate her/him about various health issues. We are a resource for you and your child for any health questions or concerns. Please feel free to call the nurse's office at any time.
    Nursing Department

    Karen Bartnett, RN, CFNP, MS, MPH
    Certified School Nurse
    (Monday - Friday)
    267-893-5821 (fax)

    Stella Bredin, RN, CSN, MS
    Certified School Nurse

    Valerie Workman RN, CSN
    Staff Nurse
    (Tuesday and Thursday)

    Shirley Yoder LPN
    Staff Nurse
    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

    School Health Forms

    Physical Exam Form - All 11th grade students are required to have a physical exam. This physical exam form is due by October 15th of the 11th grade year. Click on the below link if you need a physical form.

    Private Physical Exam Form

    Medication Dispensing Form - If your child needs to take medication in school (prescription or over-the-counter), your doctor needs to fill out the medication dispensing form (below link) and parents needs to sign it. All medication needs to be brought to school in the original containers. Controlled substances (Ritalin, Adderall, Ativan, Xanax, etc.) need to be brought into the nurse's office by the parent.

    Medication Dispensing Form

    Action Plans - Action plans should be filled out for students who have a health issue that requires specific instructions and interventions. Action plans are commonly filled out for students with asthma, seizure disorders, migraine headaches and food allergies. If you need an action plan for your child, click on the appropriate action plan below. Action plans should be returned to the nurse's office at the beginning of every school year. Many students also need to have a medication dispensing form for necessary medication as part of their action plan.

    Asthma Action Plan

    Headache Action Plan

    Food Allergy Action Plan

    Seizure Action Plan

    Concussion Information

    More students are being diagnosed with concussions every year. If your child has a concussion or you suspect your child may have a concussion, see your child's medical provider. Students with concussions need special follow-up in school. If your child is diagnosed with a concussion, contact Certified School Nurse Karen Bartnett at kbartnett@cbsd.org or 267-893-2325.

    For more information on concussions, see the below link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    CDC Concussion Fact Sheet

    What is Central Bucks Doing About Concussions? - Concussion Video

    For more information on concussions and what Central Bucks School District is doing to manage concussions in the

    classroom and on the field please view the above link.