CB South Art Department

    Jessica Fidler      Beth Janney-Horan      Tina Warren       Cheryl Daly     Stu Kesilman          

A high quality visual arts curriculum prepares students for life-long learning in any area. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, risk taking, analysis, and judgment. All curricula are based on enduring understandings which give meaning and importance to content facts and ideas. Our programs provide a sequential study of art forms from many cultures. Areas of study include the fine arts, ceramics, photography and digital arts.

Mrs. Daly: Art 1-4, Drawing & Painting 1, Intro to Ceramics, Ceramics 1
Mrs. Fidler: Art 1-4, Drawing & Painting 1, Yearbook, Intro to Ceramics
Mrs. Janney Horan: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Digital Imaging
Mr. Kesilman: Digital Imaging, 3-D Modeling, Drawing & Painting 2, Computer Graphics/Illustration
Mrs. Warren: Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2, Ceramics 3, Ceramics 3+