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  • New Feature in OneDrive App

    Posted by LINDSAY SMITH at 4/27/2017


    OneDrive App added a new scan feature.  This allows you to use the features of Office Lens to take a picture of any document.  The photo automatically saves as a PDF in a OneDrive location of your choice. 

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  • Stickers in OneNote

    Posted by LINDSAY SMITH at 3/16/2017 2:00:00 PM

    You can now add feedback in OneNote using Stickers! To gain this feature, you will need to update your Class Notebook Add-In.  This can be done by clicking "Update" on your Class Notebook tab in OneNote or by reinstalling the Class Notebook Add-In. 



    The update will add Stickers to your Insert tab in OneNote.



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  • Mystery Skype

    Posted by BRIAN MERRILL at 3/10/2017 2:30:00 PM

    Mystery Skype


     Mystery skype


          A Mystery Skype is a classroom even that connects two classrooms from different locations. The game is played in a 20 Questions format, where each class tries to figure out the other’s location. This activity can give each class a taste of what each other experiences both in their classrooms, and life in their location in general. Many teachers around the globe have found instructional uses for this “game”, including teachers within Central Bucks.

         Meg Griffin, 4th grade teacher at Cold Spring elementary, recently conducted a Mystery Skype, and has been throughout the year. Her usage has been connected to the fourth grade social studies curriculum. The curriculum at that grade level is a tour of regions of the United States. With each region Mrs. Griffin sets up a mystery skype with a teacher from that region. How does she find the classes? Twitter! Student then have specific roles to play as they try and figure out which state their mystery guests are from. This is such a great way for our students to be global collaborators.  



         Curious about Skype in the Classroom and more specifically Mystery Skypes? Microsoft has some great FREE training to get you started, as well as additional training on Mystery Skypes. There are lots of great ways to utilize Skype in the classroom. Feel free to reach out to your buildings Tech Coach for integration ideas, and implementation assistance. You can read more about Mrs. Grifffin's experience here. 

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  • External Sharing

    Posted by JASON JAFFE at 1/26/2017

    We are excited to inform you that external sharing has been turned on for all students and staff. In addition, external email has been turned on for students in grades 10-12.


    What does this mean?

    Students are able to share their work and send emails to individuals inside and outside the school community.


    Why are we doing this?

    To foster the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital society.


    How is this different from before?

    In the past, students could communicate among themselves and with their teachers about classwork, school-work, and school-related activities. Now students can communicate with others both inside and outside the school community.


    What about elementary and middle schools?

    External document sharing has been turned on for staff and all students in grades K-12. External email will only be available to students in grades 10-12 and all district staff.


    How do I find out more?

    For more information, please view this External Sharing Tutorial.  You can contact us with any additional questions.

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