Welcome to Team 7-0!
A Single Voice Can Make a Multitude of Difference
 Team 7-0’s theme is “A single voice can make a multitude of difference.”  As a member of Team 7-0, you will have many learning opportunities to uncover ways that you can make a positive difference in your life, school, and world.  In this first year of middle school, you will grow as a student and young adult, meeting new friends and creating myriad fun memories.


On Friday, May 12, Team 7-0 will hold its
ON TRACK to Make a Difference
Relay for Life event. 
  Click HERE to see past years' On Track events and information.  
Click HERE for a copy of the information documents (parent signature doc is here) that were given out on Friday, April 21.  
 yes you :)
  • Wednesday, April 12 was a busy day on Team 7-0.  First, the team enjoyed a breakfast and then listened to Zara, a 7-0 alum who shared her experience with the American Cancer Society and On Track.  Students then gathered in their On Track groups to choose group names and discuss initial plans.  Later, students decorated and assembled Brave Boxes, which will be shared with chemotherapy patients at Abington Hospital's cancer center.  

 On Friday, March 31, Mr. David Turk shared his account as a Holocaust survivor
with Holicong's 7th grade.  Mr. Turk answered students' questions and
encouraged them with his own personal motto, "Never give up!"

March 31



 February Happenings
During Team Time on February 15, Team 7-0 enjoyed Valentine's Pairs, a friendly resource-room competition.  

  In ELA-B, students have read, performed, and discussed the drama--The Diary of Anne Frank. They have also participated in book clubs for Holocaust-related texts.  



olympic flag
On Wednesday, January 25, Team 7-0 participated in the 
7th Grade Olympics!  
The 12 resource rooms competed in winter "games." 
Competing for 7-0 were Smithzerland, Madden Mobile, Ambrozon Painforest, & Costa Rickert
Check out some of the highlights below: 

egg drop
Team 7-0 held its egg drop contest on Thursday, December 22.   In Science class this week, each student designed a container to protect an egg, but working in groups, students planned an experiment to test one variable in their containers and determine eggs-actly what made the egg break or survive. Eggs-tra credit will be awarded to the groups who had at least one egg break and one egg survive from the 10 meter drop off the roof of Holicong.  Check out the photo gallery below for some highlights! 

Doylestown VFW 175 presented seven 7-0 students with awards for their essays during Team Time on December 16. 
This year's prompt was "The America I Believe In"
VFW 16-17
Luke G., Grace M., and Sam R. for their honorable mention awards;  
to Quinn M. and Guitano F. for their 3rd place awards;
Abby D. for her 2nd place finish;
and Talya S. for her 1st place prize. 

October and November on Team 7-0 proved to be quite eventful! 

 Team 7-0 spent Team Time on September 2nd and 9th
getting to know each other.  
We're off to a great start!
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